Thursday, November 24, 2016

Who knew that over 20 years since its release, Space Jam would remain such a phenomenal piece of pop culture, with its throwback jerseys and other products even cooler to day than they were in the mid-1990’s.

With Black Friday just around the corner (and the deals already in effect), we thought about featuring something special. Not just your regular sport-item deals, but something that is in touch with the sports world but also does a great job of tingling everyone’s nostalgia bone. So whether you’re a Michael Jordan fan or a Looney Tunes fan, I’m sure there’s something on this Space Jam list that you’ll love:

Space Jam Michael Jordan Jersey

Space Jam Michael Jordan Jersey

What is their to explain? The Michael Jordan jersey from Space Jam, the one he wore while playing the most important basketball game in the history of humanity. It comes in small, medium and large. As for colors, there’s black & white.

Space Jam Bugs Bunny Jersey

Space Jam Bugs Bunny Jersey

It’s easy to forget, but Michael Jordan wasn’t the only player on the Tune Squad that saved earth. Bugs Bunny played a pivotal part in the game vs the aliens, and having his Space Jam jersey might be an even cooler thing to own.

Space Jam Lola Bunny Jersey

Space Jam Lola Bunny Jersey

Everything we said about Bugs is just as true about Lola and her Space Jam jersey. Key contributor, no matter what anyone says or remembers.

Space Jam The Movie


You can watch Space Jam on Amazon Video, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Space Jam Michael’s Secret Stuff Bottle

Space Jam Michael's Secret Stuff Bottle

It’s just a water bottle, but if you believe it, then you can see it, and maybe Michael’s secret stuff bottle from Space Jam will grant you special basketball powers.

Space Jam Socks

Space Jam Elite Socks

Not just Space Jam socks, but featuring some of the movie’s characters in beuatifully made artwork, turning a rather oridnary fashion item into, a work of art.

Space Jam Michael Jordan & Bugs Bunny Figures

Space Jam Michael Jordan & Bugs Bunny Figures

Every good cartoon (or semi-cartoon) movie needs cool action figures: Space Jam has Michael Jordan and Bug Bunny as its star figures.



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